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The Rural Diaries The Rural Diaries
Hilarie Burton Morgan   
When you find a community that nurtures you and your family, it isn't enough to just live in it, you must also nurture and protect that place, and all the people who give you respite, solace, joy, and just enough hell to keep life interesting.

So, folks, this is love letter.
To a town.
To a farm.
To a man.


The beloved actress and star of One Tree Hill, White Collar, and Lethal Weapon, Hilarie Burton Morgan, tells the story of leaving Hollywood for a radically different kind of life in upstate New York with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan—a celebration of community, family, and the value of hard work in small town America.

While Hilarie Burton Morgan's hectic lifestyle as an actress in New York and Los Angeles gave her a comfortable life, it did not fulfill her spiritually or emotionally. After the birth of their first son, she and her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the star of The Walking Dead, decided to make a major change: they bought a working farm in Rhinebeck, New York, and began a new chapter in their lives.

The Rural Diaries chronicles her inspiring story of farm life: chopping wood, making dandelion wine, building chicken coops. Burton looks back at her transition from urban to country living—discovering how to manage a farm while raising her son and making friends with her new neighbors. She mixes charming stories of learning to raise alpacas and buying and revitalizing the town’s beloved candy store, Samuel’s Sweet Shop, with raw observations on the ups and downs of marriage and her struggles with secondary infertility. Burton also includes delicious recipes that can be made with fresh ingredients at home, as well as home renovation and gardening tips.

Burton’s charisma, wide eyed attitude, and fortitude—both internal and physical—propels this moving story of transformation and self-discovery. The Rural Diaries honors the values and lifestyle of small-town America and offers inspiration for anyone longing to embark on their own unconventional journey.

par evabst
Harry Potter, Tome 2 : Harry Potter et la Chambre des secrets Harry Potter, Tome 2 : Harry Potter et la Chambre des secrets
Joanne Kathleen Rowling   
J.K contrairement à d'autres écrivains n'a pas chuté dans son 2e tome... au contraire il est même voir meilleur. J'ai particulièrement aimé la fin du roman avec Tom Jedusor et Harry Potter.

par Roxye