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Toutes les séries de Neal Shusterman

3 livres
1 593 lecteurs

Les commandements du Faucheur:

Tu tueras.

Tu tueras sans aucun parti pris, sans sectarisme et sans préméditation.

Tu accorderas une année d'immunité à la famille de ceux qui ont accepté ta venue.

Tu tueras la famille de ceux qui t'ont résisté.

Best-seller aux Etats-Unis, ce premier tome de la trilogie La Faucheuse est déjà en cours d'adaptation par les studios Universal.

(Source : Robert Laffont)

6 livres
661 lecteurs

Dans une société traumatiée par la Seconde Guerre civile, une loi autorisant la fragmentation a été votée. Celle-ci stiupule qu'il est interdit d'attenter à la vie d'un enfant de sa conception jusqu'à son treizième anniversaire. Passée cette date, tout parent peut décider de "résilier" son enfant en ayant recours à la fragmenttion, processus qui permet de renoncer à son enfant rétroactivement. Une seule exigence: réutiliser 99% des organes du fragmenté pour qu'il continue à "vivre" à travers d'autres.

Connor, Risa, et Lev ne se connaissent pas, un monde les épare. Adolescent à la dérive, pupille de la nation ou objet d'un sacrifice religieux, chacun se retrouve pourtant sur la liste fatale. Leur seule échappatoire: fuir, se cacher, et essayer de survivre.

Thriller d'anticipation original et rythmé, ce roman initiatique a fait de Neal Shuterman l'un des auteurs les plus lus par les adolescents et le grand précurseur de la dystopie.

3 livres
59 lecteurs

Après un accident de voiture auquel ils n’ont pas survécu, les âmes de Nick et d’Allie se retrouvent bloquées à mi-chemin entre la vie et la mort, dans un univers qu’on appelle l’Éternénant. Il s’agit d’un lieu à la fois magique et dangereux où l’on croise toutes sortes d’âmes et d’objets errants. La reine autoproclamée de l'Éternénant, Mary Tourcélèste, a réuni ses ouailles dans un des rares buildings passé dans les limbes : les Twin Towers.

Or, Nick et Allie n’ont aucune envie de rester coincés dans ce monde bizarre ! Ce qu’ils veulent à tout prix, c’est retrouver leur vie d’avant. Leur quête les mènera dans les territoires inexplorés, sombres et parfois terrifiants de l’Éternénant… Mais plus le temps passe et plus l’espoir de retrouver un jour leur existence passée s’estompe. Et si tous leurs souvenirs s’évaporaient ? Il se pourrait bien alors qu’ils ne parviennent jamais à fuir ce monde étrange et inquiétant… 

3 livres
1 lecteurs

Bored with life, 14-year-old Parker Bear perks up when a new girl arrives in town. Tara always wears designer sunglasses. When Parker realizes Tara's 'friends' at school are developing strange quirks, he is too embroiled in his own cravings to stop her.

3 livres
1 lecteurs

Six teens struggle to discover the source of their strange and horrific abilities in this first book of The Star Shards Chronicles.

Dillon has the terrifying power to create massive amounts of destruction with the slightest tweak of his will. Deanna is so consumed by fear, it has become like a black hole, drawing to her the very things that terrify her. Then, when the glare of a supernova sixteen light-years away illuminates the night sky, they have a vision: There are six of them out there, all teenagers, and all suffering from supernatural afflictions that disfigure their bodies and souls. Only by finding one another will the six ever be strong enough to defeat these mysterious forces that, bit by bit, are devouring their souls from the inside out.

2 livres

The Shadow Club starts simply enough: the kids who are tired of being second-best get together and, for the first time, talk about how they feel. But soon the members decide to play practical jokes on the first-place winners they envy, and things begin to spin dangerously out of control.

3 livres
1 lecteurs

Tesla's Attic is the first book in a brilliantly imagined and hilariously written trilogy that combines science, magic, intrigue, and just plain weirdness, about four kids who are caught up in a dangerous plan concocted by the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla.

After their home burns down, fourteen-year-old Nick, his younger brother, and their father move into a ramshackle Victorian house they've inherited. When Nick opens the door to his attic room, he's hit in the head by a toaster. That's just the beginning of his weird experiences with the old junk stored up there. After getting rid of the odd antiques in a garage sale, Nick befriends some local kids-Mitch, Caitlin, and Vincent-and they discover that all of the objects have extraordinary properties. What's more, Nick figures out that the attic is a strange magnetic vortex, which attracts all sorts of trouble. It's as if the attic itself has an intelligence . . . and a purpose.

Ultimately Nick learns that the genius Nikola Tesla placed the items-his last inventions-in the attic as part of a larger plan that he mathematically predicted. Nick and his new friends must retrieve everything that was sold at the garage sale and keep it safe. But the task is fraught with peril-in addition to the dangers inherent in Tesla's mysterious and powerful creations, a secret society of physicists, the Accelerati, is determined to stop Nick and alter destiny to achieve its own devious ends. It's a lot for a guy to handle, especially when he'd much rather fly under the radar as the new kid in town.

Fans of intrigue, action, humor, and nonstop surprises are guaranteed a read unlike any other in Tesla's Attic, Book One of the Accelerati Trilogy.

2 livres

Imagine being trapped forever in someone else’s nightmare, with no means of escape. Or caught on one of the most terrifying roller coasters of all time, when suddenly the tracks ahead just disappear. Enter the world of Darkness Creeping, where hollow-eyed skulls arrive in the mail and nothing is as it seems. Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner and beloved author Neal Shusterman walks on the dark side with this classic collection of masterfully creepy stories so horrifying, you may have to read them twice to remind yourself they’re not real.

3 livres

They say if you stare at him long enough, you can see what’s written on the wall behind him. They say a lot of things about the Schwa, but one thing’s for sure: no one ever noticed him. Except me. My name is Antsy Bonano—and I can tell you what’s true and what’s not, ’cause I was there. I was the one who realized the Schwa was “functionally invisible” and used him to make some big bucks. But I was also the one who caused him more grief than a friend should. So if you all just shut up and listen, I’ll spill everything. Unless, of course, "the Schwa Effect" wipes him out of my brain before I'm done....

Tous les livres de Neal Shusterman

In these fourteen authentic short stories, young people growing up in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, New York, and elsewhere contend with city realities: a former child-star must resist her mother's dreams of Hollywood to pursue her own interest in archaeology; in a Baltimore courtroom, a boy testifies against a drug dealer who, if freed, will surely want revenge; a block party in Harlem is the setting first for a family argument and then for an act of neighborly kindness....

These stories of young people of all backgrounds—from the privileged to the poor, from immigrant to native-born—beat with the pulse of city life. They neither extol nor condemn but frankly reflect the city's real excitements and perils. For urban teens, these are pages out of daily life. For those who live elsewhere, here is a glimpse into a world so often imagined.

Are you ready for spine-tingling tales by some of today's best writers ? Just keep in mind a few simple warnings :

- Some vampires don't want just your blood... they want something even more valuable.

- Werewolves, once dead, don't always stay that way.

- Some dogs and coyotes may look normal - but don't get too close.

Remember... what you don't know can bite you.


Don't get me started on the Bruiser. He was voted "Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty" by the entire school. He's the kid no one knows, no one talks to, and everyone hears disturbing rumors about. So why is my sister, BrontË, dating him? One of these days she's going to take in the wrong stray dog, and it's not going to end well.


My brother has no right to talk about Brewster that way—no right to threaten him. There's a reason why Brewster can't have friends—why he can't care about too many people. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen. Impossible things that can't be explained. I know, because they're happening to me.

Award-winning author Neal Shusterman has crafted a chilling and unforgettable novel about the power of unconditional friendship, the complex gear workings of a family, and the sacrifices we endure for the people we love.

by amazon

Just one big happy family...

That's the way Preston Scott would have described his all-American family. His parents seemed to have everything, including the ideal marriage. But then their perfect life started to unravel. Mr. and Mrs. Scott began to fight - vicious, hurtful, drawn-out battles that went on day after day. Finally one day Mrs. Scott moved out. And that's when Preston's nightmare began...

Now, three years later, Preston's dad is getting out of prison, and Preston is no closer to coming to terms with his feelings about him. Because how can you forgive your father for killing someone...when that someone was your mother?

Here is Preston's searing true story about upheaval, growth, faith ... and the power of love.

This unforgettable novel is a fictionalized account based on the words of the boy who experienced these events firsthand.

Moving to Moscow from Chicago isn't easy, especially if your mother is the US Ambassador. Derek must be well-mannered and presentable--there are parties to go to and state dinners to attend. but Derek has decided to break all the rules and risk everything to reunite a beautiful Russian girl with her dissident father living in exile. That means traveling hundreds of miles by train to the Romanian border.

With the help of some young Muscovites, Derek begins a perilous journey. But he has a lot more to confront along the way than just the KGB. He must first face up to his mother and come to terms with the ghost of his dead father if he's ever going to succeed.

Talon lives Downside, that is, underneath New York City. There is a strict code of secrecy among the Downsiders. However, when Talon accidentally meets a young woman named Lindsay, who is a Topsider (from above the ground), the two worlds inevitably collide. They become friends and love blossoms. The punishment for Talon's lack of discretion could be death. What will happen to them? Will the entire Downsider community be discovered?

1 lecteurs

Let your imagination soar and take flight with these fourteen original tales of fantasy and science fiction by a distinguished line-up of award-winning children's and young adult authors.

Joan Bauer gives us Chloe, a fantasy writer trying to tell a new story--but her characters won't cooperate.

Suzanne Fisher Staples introduces us to the powers of djinn in her magical tale set in Pakistan.

Charles de Lint offers a romantic tale set during the Summer of Love in his mythical city of Newford.

A witch's son seeks revenge in a chilling murder mystery by Michael O. Tunnell.

Craig and Jessica, two high school runners, star in this story of transformation by Rich Wallace.

Patrice Kindl's mysterious Mrs. Duck moves into the boring town of Refreshing Acres--and nothing is ever the same again.

In S.L. Rottman's action-packed tale, the world is on fire, and it's a race to the water's edge.

David Lubar thrills us with his story of Deborah, an aspiring magician.

Mel Glenn shares a conversation between Ryan and an Angel in the afterlife.

Jessie's encounter with a toad changes her life in this uplifting tale by Nancy Springer.

A soldier meets the ghost of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, in John Ritter's thought-provoking story.

An oracle makes an unsettling prediction in Sharon Dennis Wyeth's tale.

Neal Shusterman introduces us to a young thief who holds the fate of the universe in his hands.

Tamora Pierce's story takes us to the land of Hartunjar, where women are subservient to men--but not for long…

106 notes
239 lecteurs

Avez-vous déjà eu vraiment soif ?

La sécheresse s’éternise en Californie et le quotidien de chacun s’est transformé en une longue liste d’interdictions : ne pas arroser la pelouse, ne pas remplir sa piscine, limiter les douches…

Jusqu’à ce que les robinets se tarissent pour de bon. La paisible banlieue où vivent Alyssa et sa famille vire alors à la zone de guerre.

Soif et désespoir font se dresser les voisins les uns contre les autres. Le jour où ses parents ne donnent plus signe de vie et où son existence et celle de son petit frère sont menacées, Alyssa va devoir faire de terribles choix pour survivre au moins un jour de plus.

Fifteen of the most distinguished and award-winning authors for young adults draw upon their own experiences to create fictional stories that explore adolescence: everything from dating and love, the meaning and boundaries of friendship, fitting in, and measuring up to finding the courage to believe in oneself.

Each story was specially commissioned for this collection, and includes an introductory essay by the author explaining the story's origin in the author's life--and its significance.

Sixteen-year-old Blake and his younger brother, Quinn, are exact opposites. Blake is the responsible member of the family. He constantly has to keep an eye on the fearless Quinn, whose thrill-seeking sometimes goes too far. But the stakes get higher when Blake has to chase Quinn into a bizarre phantom carnival that traps its customers forever.

In order to escape, Blake must survive seven deadly rides by dawn, each of which represents a deep, personal fear -- from a carousel of stampeding animals to a hall of mirrors that changes people into their deformed reflections. Blake ultimately has to face up to a horrible secret from his own past to save himself and his brother -- that is, if the carnival doesn't claim their souls first!

Teens looking for alternatives to hanging out at the mall are increasingly turning to theme parties. How To Host A Teen Mystery is just that... a great way for teens to create a full evening of fun. Hot Times At Hollywood High, as with all games in the teen series, begins with a crime and ends with the unmasking of the culprit... but not before dinner, guessing, and lots of laughs. The story revolves around 8 of Hollywood High School's "Most Likely To _______" students. They find themselves embroiled in a mystery at the Hardest Rock Cafeteria. It seems someone nearly did in Miss Terry Daktill, the elderly science teacher, in a devastating fire of very suspicious origins. Each player (your guests) assume the role of one of these characters... one of which is the culprit: artistic genius Bernadette Down, football star Fletcher Bysepps, beach goddess Tanya Bunsoff, sexy mysterious tease Juanita Greencarde, popular computer geek Duncan Flushwater, aspiring film director Cameron Kordier, enthusiastic Valley girl cheerleader Chantella Solle, and dashing student body pres.

Presents more than fifty true stories of courage and integrity in young people, ordinary kids with something extra to make them heroes.

40 notes
71 lecteurs

Caden est un adolescent de quinze ans ordinaire, qui s'intéresse à l'athlétisme et aux jeux vidéo. Pourtant, il adopte un comportement de plus en plus étrange aux yeux de ses parents : il marche seul et pieds nus dans les rues, craint que ses camarades de classe ne veuillent le tuer... Dans son esprit, Caden est devenu le passager d'un navire voguant sur des mers déchaînées.

Lorsque cela devient trop difficile pour lui de garder le contact avec la réalité, ses parents doivent l'interner en asile psychiatrique. Commence pour le jeune homme un long voyage qui doit le mener au plus profond des abysses, au risque de s'y noyer…

Inspiré d'une histoire vraie, un roman d'une justesse incroyable sur les maladies mentales.

1 lecteurs

Mega-Awesome Adventures features thrilling excerpts from six fantastic novels, including a sneak peek at a complete story from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods! Explore this exciting sampler, which includes selections from internationally best-selling authors such as Eoin Colfer, author of the acclaimed Artemis Fowl series; Ridley Pearson, author of the Kingdom Keepers series; and Jonathan Stroud, author of the Bartimaeus series.

Ever have the feeling your head isn't screwed on right? That things just seem a bit...weird? Welcome to MindBenders. Not a place, but a state of mind. Think reality...with a twist. How twisted? Let's just say your brain will turn into a pretzel. By turns terrifying, hysterical, thought-provoking, bizarre, each story in this dazzling collection is a wild, high-octane, heart-thumping journey into the unknown.

From award-winner Neal Shusterman-author of The Dark Side of Nowhere and Scorpion Shards-comes a spectacular collection of stories that are by turns terrifying, comic, darkly inventive, thought-provoking, and always just slightly off-center.

A teenager and his mother embark on a whirlwind pleasure cruise, hoping to escape from their problems and searching for a little rest and relaxation. So they book passage on a no-frills excursion to the exotic Far East. Sounds like fun, huh? Too bad pleasure isn't on the ship's itinerary!

Darren hears his head. Everyone thinks he's crazy. Even Darren begins to doubt his own sanity when a mysterious stranger pays him a late-night visit. Who is he? A time traveler, it turns out. A time traveler from 350 million years ago!

A boy on his way back from a family holiday is annoyed when he picks up the wrong luggage at the airport. Well, he might as well try the clothes on for size, right? It's a perfect fit. Except for that weird third sleeve....

Like a spidery fracture in an otherwise unblemished pane of glass, there exists in the mind a place where reality is warped to expose a world of distortions. Each of these stories is an unforgettable glimpse into that mysterious world--a place called MindStorms.

Think bungee jumping is a thrill? Meet a kid who skydives down the funnel of a tornado.

Why not visit the shop in the local mall that sells alternate universes in little bottles. It's a lot of fun. Unless, of course, you open the little black bottle labeled "thermonuclear war." Now that could be a real blast.

Hungry? A roadside restaurant in the middle of nowhere serves up a soup so delicious you may never want to leave. Or can't....

Worried you might be turning people off? Well, how about the boy who must be locked up in a lead cell, otherwise people around him begin to disappear?

Ever wonder what that evil neighbor of yours had got locked up in the attic? How about the entire world....

Welcome to the world of MindTwisters. Hold on tight, you're about to be blown away....

Ten incredible trips into the unknown await you...

Blast off with:

• Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo an all-new and exclusive tale from Rick Riordan

• A Day in the Life by award-winning author/illustrator Shaun Tan

• Rise of the RoboShoes by Tom Angleberger of Origami Yoda fame

And many more weird and wonderful stories by legendary writer Ray Bradbury, Newbery medalist Rebecca Stead, Shannon Hale, D. J. MacHale, Eric Nylund, Kenneth Oppel and Neal Shusterman.

Compiled by US National Ambassador for Children’s Literature (and Secret Ambassador for the Intergalactic Alliance) Jon Scieszka, Other Worlds will boldly take you where no reader has gone before.

From New York Times bestselling author Neal Shusterman comes a thrilling, spine-tingling 32-page original short story that's perfect for fans of Unwind and UnWholly.

Bones. They know the call of the ice.

Anika knows the call of the ice, too. Living in an isolated port town in Alaska with her father and younger brother, Anika is practically steps away from the Harding Icefield, and Exit Glacier has always been her favorite place.But after a couple tragically dies there, Exit Glacier seems to come alive and begins moving toward the town with unnatural speed. Anika feels deep in her bones that the ice wants something. . . .

After the glacier finally stops in the town's cemetery, Anika and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Rav, face a sinister truth: The soul of the glacier is looking for bodies to inhabit . . . and where better to find them than the graveyard?

This fast-paced, eerie short story is a deft blend of suspense and horror that will leave readers breathless . . . and chilled to the bone.

After Nick Herrera saved a little girl from being his by a New York City subway car, things have been different....He has been different. Now it seems as if accidents are falling at his feet and he's destined to play the role of the hero. But more importantly, Linda Lanko, one of the richest girls in the city, has noticed him -- a below-average student from a poor family. But is Nick's invincibility just good luck, or is something else responsible?

Jason is having a bad day. The kind of day when you just don't feel like yourself. Only for Jason, it's not just a feeling. He really isn't himself.

Not any more.

Who is he? That's the problem. Jason isn't sure. And it's not just him. Everyone in town is acting weird. His friends. His parents. Everyone. Billington is usually such a normal town. As Jason is about to discover, nothing will ever be normal again.

What if a seventh grader could have everything he wanted? He'd make ice-cream cones materialize out of nowhere and zap up every video game he'd ever wanted, right? But what if he was also tired of being bullied and all it took to change that was to put on a pair of sunglasses? Kevin Midas's new look is more than just for style -- he's out for revenge!

For this intriguing collection, Hunt sent nine hauntingly surreal images to 18 authors and asked each one to write a story based on the image. Sometimes the same picture can tell two different stories, as this collection shows. Illustrations.

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It took only twenty-two minutes for Kirby Matheson to exit his car, march onto school grounds, enter the gymnasium, and open fire, killing six and injuring five others.

But this isn't a story about the shooting itself. This isn't about recounting that one unforgettable day.

This is about Kirby and how one boy—who had friends, enjoyed reading, played saxophone in the band, and had never been in trouble before—became a monster capable of entering his school with a loaded gun and firing on his classmates.

Each chapter is told from a different victim's viewpoint, giving insight into who Kirby was and who he'd become. Some are sweet, some are dark; some are seemingly unrelated, about fights or first kisses or late-night parties.

This is a book of perspectives—with one character and one event drawing them all together—from the minds of some of YA's most recognizable names.

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